Mayfair Gardens, Accra, Ghana

Airport City Twin Towers

The Twin Tower is a symbol of luxury, quality, and convenience for discerning homeowners in the hub of the Airport City Development. It represents a whole new standard of accommodation in the form of luxurious apartments. Exclusive in their design and planning, they are destined to relax the mind and senses. Each Tower incorporates one and two bedrooms in a queen and master bedroom configurations. The apartments have a communal swimming pool, lounge, Restaurant, Conference spaces, shops and gym where residents can meet and have a relaxing time. Home should be a place to relax and unwind – a sanctuary from the hustle of city life The Twin Tower benefits from its proximity to the following: The Mariana Mall Kotoka International Airport(K.I.A) Silver Star Towers Holiday Inn Hotel The African Sun Hotel One Airport Square And other amenities to be provided therein as part of the Airport Business Development. Over the past 10 years, however, the Airport City development has evolved quickly, most notably with a high growth potential. Further evolution is on its way which presents a huge opportunity.